mcavoy: dare i say…..savage?

ash-ash-bo-bash: others: “so, how ~southern~ are you?” me: “The entrance of my hometown has a shrimp boat sitting in the main street. At Christmas theres a shrimper Santa and alligators pulling him instead of reindeer.” others: “what?!” me:

jturn: me @ staff next week when the porn survives 

azaleatown: azaleatown: This website was literally so fucking stupid. You used to be able to just fucking edit somebody’s post. Like just change it entirely. Nothing was stopping you. What the fuck. Imagine logging into your youtub account and some bozo changed your funny comment to say you love being a dummy. That’s what used…

play-dolls: feelingshider: solangesgrammy: maurypovichofficial: 2srooky: barbie is Bi. Of course she’s bi what straight woman wears a jean button up shirt the B in LGBT stands for Barbie Let’s not forget that this photo is canon. And anyone who assumes that she’s just being an ally will have to fight me At least we still…

pochowek: pochowek: pochowek: pochowek: On the early morning of december 17th im going to post the peanut butter baby, an image rich in skin tone pixels, like 50 times in a row, and get banned They dont like it already Hold on lemme post another one Like clockwork

the-offending-tit: breasts

simonalkenmayer: sushinfood: cantanopeshitthatwastaken: I MEAN THAT’S ESSENTIALLY IT This is absolutely true. Exactly what it looked like.

mzhyde1: After December 17