vrabia: shanlonwrites: earthstory: I have had 3 mineral posts flagged as adult content today. They contained a tourmaline, a muscovite, and a galena. On Friday I had 3 fossil posts flagged as adult content, including a fossil fish, a fossil tooth from a mastodon, and a Tyrannosaur vertebrae. I’ve submitted appeals for each. This has…

mrhaliboot: earthsiqn: tumblr flagged a post of a girl eating berries so fruit is for whores now reblog if youre a fruit eating whore

kugelschreibers: shoomlah: shoomlah: I guess I can’t fault them for this one, look at those glistening gecko tails and that demure c. 1830’s decolletage good god

mcavoy: dare i say…..savage?

ash-ash-bo-bash: others: “so, how ~southern~ are you?” me: “The entrance of my hometown has a shrimp boat sitting in the main street. At Christmas theres a shrimper Santa and alligators pulling him instead of reindeer.” others: “what?!” me:

jturn: me @ staff next week when the porn survives