fun language fact!!

“shrek” is the yiddish word for fear

Okay but can we talk about this though, we all know the movie Shrek, the big green ogre.

But did you know it’s based of a picture book names, “Shrek!” published in 1990. It’s a book about an ugly ogre (hence the Yiddish work Shrek) goes around to see the world and ends up saving a princess (so almost literally the entire first Shrek movie’s plot). Here’s what it looked like:

Guess who wrote the book? A cartoonist names William Steig.

Guesss what? That’s right he’s Polish Jewish.

Shrek was created by a Jewish person. And, since he’s named after a Yiddish word, Shrek is quite literally a Jewish icon.


best addition to this post everyone else can go home

also, maybe his living in poor conditions outside the rest of the city was indicative of the shtetl? and donkey was a poor non-Jew who had nothing to lose by being friends with Shrek?? The possibilities are endless


Maybe the inclusion of the song Hallelujah (written by Leonard Cohen, also jewish) was more intentional than initially thought?

Does that mean that at the end Princess Fiona converts when she turns into an ogre??

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