What’s art fight??



I was hoping I’d get an ask like this so I had an excuse to go all out like this! 
Artfight is an annual art event that surrounds giving and getting art for a whole month!


once you make an account you can upload all your ocs and their information on your own page! This should include stuff like references and small bits of character info (enough for someone to draw them accurately). You need to have at least one OC uploaded to participate so people can draw art for you during Artfight (although i would say upload about 3 so people have choice.)


All people who sign up for Artfight that year get separated into two teams once the event begins (I’m using red and blue as an example but they are usually stuff like sun vs moon, technology vs nature, coffee vs tea etc)


Once that happens people can make art of your OCs in exchange for points for their team! Yep! You get free art of your OCs!

But that means your team is now down a good few points so its not without consequence.


By drawing an OC that belongs to the opposite team for more points than the piece you were given your team is able to stay on top of the game and you also put some good out in the world in the process.


if you draw something for the person of the opposite team and they attack back you can get extra points for your team by starting a “revenge chain” its one of the best ways to get a point multiplier going and to start a friendship with someone who has cool characters!

So what happens when your team wins?


Your team all get a nifty little digital trophy, all the art development that comes with drawing competitively, the knowledge that you’ve put a lot of good and happiness into the world by drawing peoples ocs, and complete ownership of bragging rights! (I personally developed my art style a whole lot during artfight last year! it was super fun!)

So what about when your team looses?


Well the reason why the other team won is because they gave your team the most art of your teams characters! So statistically you just got a whole bunch more free art than they did! Even if you don’t get all the celebration and bragging rights you now have so much more amazing art of your characters!

So basically…


I totally implore everyone who loves to do visual art to participate in artfight! It’s an amazing event that challenges you in a great way and you get to be introduced to a lot of really amazing artists and make alliances with people on your team!
Here’s the link to the website
Here’s the link to my account on art fight if you want to check me out!
Keep in mind you don’t have to participate in artfight once you make an account, you need to opt in for that year at any point during the month so you can absolutely just make an account to watch and look at the good art!

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