for fucks sake

This was just the first tweet I saw. I read CNN’s article, and the accusations are consistent, widespread, and concise. A CNN reporter even confirmed being a target.

Morgan Freeman is an absolute creep. I have never lost so much respect for someone so fast. He went from being one of the holiest actors to nothing more than an absolute creep within the time it took me to read this article. He knows what his status is and he abuses it.

He touches women, humiliates them, tries to remove their clothing, and very vocaly tries to get them to wear less. He makes unwanted comments about having sex and harasses women to impress other men. Women who work with him consistently reported feeling the need to cover up and avoid him when he was on set.

The article is uncomfortably long and I will bet that there are infinitely more people with stories.

Read CNN’s article here.

Morgan Freeman is Cancelled™

Castrate him as all rapists and sexual assailants should be.

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