Dodoicus is a race/species made by me, where the females are large and swoll and the males are smoll and plump. I’m selling Design adoptables to help cover my partners fee’s for college! Basically you are free to do what you want with the design but the race still belongs to me.

The pre-made Designs above are $25 each, and come with the High Res version.


You can also get a Custom Design made for $35.

Available Add ons

Coulson Pack

+$10 for a Drabble (About 500 words) based on your adoptable, written by Coulson aka Rachrar.

Mag Pack

+$10 for a Chibi Drawing of your Adoptable
(Pose,Clothing, etc…)

+$30 for a Flat Color Drawing of your Adoptable (Pose,Clothing, etc…)

Explorer’s Pack

+$40 All of the Above with a $10 Savings

Send me a Message via Tumblr for your purchase and a Paypal Invoice will be sent. With every purchase the Original Post will be updated with Adoptables that are taken. Reservations are only for a day. NSFW Options are available for those 18+.

Please Signal Boost if you can!


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