Incredibles/Incredibles 2

Holy fuck she knew

Wait…wait a minute, wait a minute, I just realized something!!!

What if she did know?

Think about it, Helen goes in to talk to Edna but Edna has already prepared a series of supersuits that are perfectly designed for every situation she and the kids are going to be in. And for some reason, we’ve all just accepted that, yeah, she’s Edna Mode, she would know these things, she’s just like that.

But what if we’ve all been missing something right in front of us?

We know Edna has affiliations with the government agency and has obviously been making suits for decades. Do you think the government is just going to get a random fashion designer to make these suits? Absolutely not.

They’re going to get a Super.

What if Edna is a Super with the power of future-vision? 

That’s how she knows exactly what suit to make, that’s how she knows that the kids are going to be in danger, that’s how she’s so aware of everything going on around her and catches everyone off guard.

She never looks back; she looks forward.

(Sorry for hijacking your post, OP.)

which is why the whole cape thing hit so hard. she didnt see it coming

I love the idea of a Super whose power is to amazingly see into the future and she just uses it for fashion design.

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