Nah son


it’s true do, his mom is Jamaican he just straightens his hair,

baby pete

natural hair texture


this is so important

But can we talk about the subtle ways he’s been focusing in on Blackness with their latest album? In the Centuries music video, he portrays Jesus as a Black man. In another scene with three women, it’s a dark skinned Black women who is front and center, and the white women are to either side of her. The album art for American Beauty/American Psycho features a young white boy with a black and white American flag on his face. It’s a recession flag, but symbolizes a call for change and has more recently it’s been used as a response to the police brutality. It’s used a lot in hip hop… usually hung sideways. He also said that the Ferguson protests inspired some of the lyrics on that album. Some awesome things to consider.

Shoutout to passing mixed people acknowledging their heritage and struggle!

Reminder: Mixed race people often get shit on for being “too pale” and often cannot take part in their own heritage and culture for fear of backlash from folks shouting “cultural appropriation.” Mixed race folks who can and do stay true to their heritage are such wonderful, brave people.

Holy fuck

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