so somebody wanted to know what does the woman on the background says. Well, here you are, enjoy)

Womans voice offscreen: Stepa, how much toys do you have! Stepa, you are so generous! You give me this teddy bear? Stepa! Do you not regret giving it? Your favorite toy? Stepa! Good boy, give it to me. Good boy, you’re so smart, so smart. Give it to me please, give it, Stepa [takes the toy] thank you, oh thank you, oh thank you Stepa, and of course… [Stepa starts to wave his paws] Yes, of course, you are the most kind bear. [Camera zooms on other toys] And what else do you have where, is there anything else Stepa? Stepochka, where is another teddy bear, Stepa? Where is another teddy bear? Stepochka, give me another teddy bear

Reblogging this version for the translation! I also wanted to say since I saw a lot of people concerned about it in the comments that I did some research and it seems that Stepa lost his teeth naturally and did not have them pulled out by his owners. For one thing when they rescued him he was so sick that his teeth were apparently black and in horrible shape, and for another thing he is very old, at least 23 years while bears only live to be 25 (source here). His family has also said in multiple interviews that he has never bitten them and I don’t think they would bring that up if he never had any teeth to begin with (example here [bonus: this interview includes cute pictures of him playing with his family]). If you google image search “Stepan the bear” you can even find some older pictures of him from before all of his teeth fell out. Just thought I’d let everyone know so we can all enjoy these cute videos without worrying that that he’s been mistreated!

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