what’s christmas even like in non-christian families? in completely non-religious families? like what do you tell your children? “well, kids, we’re eating a whole lot of food and spending a fuckton of money spoiling you because some other people somewhere believe their holy lord and saviour and the greatest person to walk the earth was born 2000 years ago. here’s a playstation.”

yeah pretty much

i legit didnt know non-christians celebrated christmas… literally never crossed my mind 

We do, and basically it’s like “Hey kids, let’s decorate a tree, exchange presents, eat a fuckload of food, and get a picture with the creepy mall Santa that probably will be arrested next week”. I didn’t even know it was a religious holiday until I was 9

Christmas was celebrated here (in Norway) for several thousand years before Christianity got here. There was literally nothing Christian about it in the beginning, the Christians just figured it’d be easier to say that Jesus was born on a day that was already celebrated than to make up a new holiday and force it on people

Pretty much every culture in the northern hemisphere has had a celebration in the fuck-all heart of winter purely because it’s depressing as fuck when it’s cold all the time and dark for 90% of the time

So long before jesus was born someone was like

“k it’s cold and dark and the view outside is literally identical to our concept of hell but I made you this candle stop being sad”

Yep, Easter existed before Jesus died on this day. Basically pretty much every “Christian” holiday was put on a pagan holiday, like lots of churches were also built on pagan places of worship. That’s how they made Christianity a success. We call that marketing now. 

Personally, it makes more sense to celebrate Yule. Basically Christmas, but instead of celebrating Jesus it celebrates the winter solstice, the end of the harvest, and hope for a good spring harvest. Basically it’s just celebrating the winter and the seasons around it. Christmas activities are fun, but I chose to tell my daughter we celebrate Yule instead of trying to explain Christianity to a 2 year old when it doesn’t even make sense to me. 😂

^ this. Also Christmas is regarded as a secular holiday now. It’s so ingrained in our culture that I doubt it will ever die out, but I just call it Yule now and leave out the Christian stuff, and will teach my kids that.

I always thought it was a holiday to celebrate Santa

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