beesmygod: beesmygod: rest in fucking pieces the notes ont his fucking thing are taking off again so dont forget this classic

fantashic: hohohyojin: subtle: us: remove porn bots please staff: remove…. porn us: n…o…. remove the porn BOTS. staff: remove porn 🙂 Us: Please remove all pedophile blogs. Staff: Remove………………ALL BLOGS?? Us: JUST THE PEDOPHILES, PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE PEDOPHILES  Staff: (☉‿☉) goodbye Us: if you’re going to ban everything at least don’t forget to ban… waiting4codot: O’ Tumblr (a parody of Hellfire)Sung by Codot Lyrics:Community Guidelines, you know I am a righteous man, of my content I am justly proud, Community Guidelines, you know I’m so much purer than, the filthy child porn producing crowd. Then tell me, O Tumblr, why the whole of us must pay, Why the…

challa-ho: d011qu33n: realsadjewishhours: noodlesonbread: realsadjewishhours: noodlesonbread: fun language fact!! “shrek” is the yiddish word for fear Okay but can we talk about this though, we all know the movie Shrek, the big green ogre. But did you know it’s based of a picture book names, “Shrek!” published in 1990. It’s a book about an ugly…

frizz01percy: this should be the most reblogged post on tumblr before it dies

mirthandir: maxofs2d: Act Two This is like “you messed with the wrong fandom” only 9000 times worse

janothar: pasteldaemon: hrefnatheravenqueen: When even the mainstream media sees that @staff is okay with nazis while getting offended at the female nipple. lmao holy fuck, the sheer level of failure though. This. This is why I’m seriously considering abandoning Tumblr, even though there’s literally zero adult content on this blog.


vrabia: shanlonwrites: earthstory: I have had 3 mineral posts flagged as adult content today. They contained a tourmaline, a muscovite, and a galena. On Friday I had 3 fossil posts flagged as adult content, including a fossil fish, a fossil tooth from a mastodon, and a Tyrannosaur vertebrae. I’ve submitted appeals for each. This has…

mrhaliboot: earthsiqn: tumblr flagged a post of a girl eating berries so fruit is for whores now reblog if youre a fruit eating whore

kugelschreibers: shoomlah: shoomlah: I guess I can’t fault them for this one, look at those glistening gecko tails and that demure c. 1830’s decolletage good god